ONE, an all-in-one music player

People don’t listen to music the same way they did ten years ago. Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. are convenient yet users usually need to switch between multiple services.

Our team has been working on prototyping a solution for quite a while. And here’s what we got:

The solution

There’re actually two sub-problems:

  1. Users store music in different apps. They need ONE place to find all their music.
  2. Users explore new music in different apps. Having ONE place to explore will certainly makes their lives easier.

So we made the interface that has both a library function and also discovery features. Users switch from one set of interfaces to the other with a “flip” animation. Also, the app comes with a music player: after all, that’s the most important feature : )


We used Photoshop for the visual design of the interfaces.

Facebook’s Origami is used to make the interactive prototype. Origami is an nice tool yet it has some tricky patterns that might be hard to learn for beginners. And when there’re too many different screens, the quartz file gets really… unorganized.

Not so readable or maintainable… but it works, anyway : )

I didn’t find so many Origami examples online when I was working on this project. So I decided to share my file, hopefully it would help someone later. You can download the quartz file here:

PS: There’s certainly much space for us to improve! We’ll be more than happy to get some feedback and suggestions!

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