Flying across the country to ink a new deal has quickly become a thing of the past.

Following the recent lockdown measures and work-from-home strategies, the role of outside sales reps dramatically shifted.

Overnight, the concept of inside sales vs outside sales essentially disappeared. Field sales teams were grounded, and in response, many businesses scrambled to make internal changes.

To ensure the ongoing growth and success of your company, you must adjust to the new normal and come to terms with the fact that your business model has now changed. Your go-to-market strategy will continue to change and if you do not adapt, you will be left behind.

We Have Been “Catapulted Into the Future”

“The future we imagined for 2030 has been pulled forward to the present.” — Tobias Lütke, CEO, Shopify

For now, field reps will not be…

While the power of inside sales has been discussed for years, over the past few months, all field sales teams have been grounded.

At this point, there is no more discussion about inside sales vs outside sales and which is more optimal in terms of a company’s growth strategy.

Based on the 2020 pandemic and corresponding lockdown measures, overnight, everyone was transformed into an inside sales or digital selling role. This is the next normal. No longer are businesses “experimenting” with the idea of inside sales — this method of selling the new reality.

The Rise of Inside Sales

Last September, I published a white paper, The Rise of Inside Sales, which is now more relevant than ever. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of inside sales…

Keeping critical lines of communication open with your customers and prospects during a pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has dropped every one of us into a “new normal.” With almost no time to plan, sales leaders and their teams have had to reinvent their jobs-working from home without the systems, tools, and support that we often take for granted.

And all this at a time when customers are in turmoil. In a recent survey, 82% of business leaders anticipate revenue declines over the next six months. Growth targets have been replaced with a focus on reducing losses and weathering the storm.

As a result, millions of employees have either lost their jobs or seen their…

We are working in uncertain times. Over the last few days, we’ve engaged in seat rides with our customers to identify a series of communication challenges they are currently experiencing. In this blog post, we share what their challenges are, and seven remote sales strategies to support their teams stay in sync, and keep communication open with their customers. For many, there are more questions than answers.

“I wonder what my customers are thinking?”

“What is my sales team feeling?”

“I wonder what they are saying to our prospects?”

“When was the last time we talked to that customer?”


Data management and governance need to be at the foundation of your digital sales transformation program. The ability to rely on the data in your CRM for all business decisions will provide you with meaningful and actionable insights.

A central point of truth is essential for both finding alignment and tracking progress. Your key objectives should focus on setting up a firm data foundation to build on. Creating and maintaining a single source of accurate, meaningful data leads to higher quality sales engagement and data-driven decision making.

Conduct a CRM audit to identify where duplicate or inaccurate data exists, and…

An action plan to help businesses stay aligned throughout a digital sales transformation initiative.

In a perfect world, organizational alignment would exist between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams, and they would operate in solidarity as a unified powerhouse for collective success. Each team’s activities would harmoniously blend to form a cohesive unit that is greater than the sum of its parts. But in reality, this is often far from the case. Siloed teams are a common corporate pain point, and this organizational misalignment leads to dissonant outputs that can inhibit sales and damage customer experience.

When departments are out of sync, this directly impacts the bottom line. Organizational misalignment between sales and marketing…

Breaking down how digital transformation impacts your business, why your business must embrace it, and how to prepare your company accordingly.

In what has been dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology is rapidly changing virtually every aspect of business and consumer behavior. The digital era is upon us—and it’s here to stay. Across the board, tech has had a profound impact on both the B2B and B2C realms. To keep up, companies must align their operations with the demands of today’s digitally-driven society. This dramatic shift toward new tools and processes is part of the overall movement toward digital transformation

In the United States, inside sales have grown 15 times faster compared to outside sales. Inside sales reps are more in demand than ever. Roughly ten get hired into a company for each outside sales representative hired. That’s over 750,000 jobs created every year for inside sales. However, what’s the difference between inside and outside sales? Why the sudden rise in inside sales? Also, is this growth expected to continue?

The Differences Between Inside Sales and Outside Sales

Both inside and outside sales reps are attempting to generate revenue for the company. However, an inside sales rep does so from an office, whereas an outside sales rep works…

Data and attention have become the currency of modern corporations, and as a friend of mine at Accenture once shared, “The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today.” In this perfect storm, we find ourselves facing challenges that fundamentally change what has worked and what is working in our modern business environment.

As our world progresses with an ever-changing landscape of technology and our attention shifts to digital channels, we are challenged as organizations try to keep up. …

According to Forbes, 57% of sales reps missed their quota last year. The ongoing challenge of reaching (and hopefully exceeding) quota is something that will never leave a sales organization. However, it is the role of a sales leader to help enable rep performance and with the growing number of systems, tasks and tools being thrown at sales reps, one word that rarely seems to surface within the modern sales organization is “simplicity.”

To unlock sales growth at your company, the most important step to take is simplifying the sales agent experience.

There are several ways to make the agent…

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