A letter to my high school teacher.

I don’t think you know what you did, I have never told you the impact you had on myself as a young man. At the time I don’t think I understood the impact of what you did. For all I know, you probably had that impact on many other students. I’d imagine you are aware of the impact you have been making on people just by investing time in to each person.

High school for most of us is an unsure time as we lack direction, lack purpose and don’t know who we are as people yet. In our developing years it is more important than ever to have those roles models, or for lack of a better term, “support system”. Many of us will not have this and it effects our early 20’s. It can be a hard balance as it’s important that we learn the lessons for ourselves but some guidance is important.

For some people they have these relationships with their coaches, for others, it might be the person a few years older or even athletes. It’s different for everybody.

For me it was a teacher, who had given me perspective, advice, and a goal to strive for. Before that, I had never had that, they showed me how to work on myself they gave me belief in my ability to achieve goals and to go further and give university a try. Well I succeeded; and to my surprise and I’m going to go further. The irony is I am pretty close to becoming a teacher myself.

I’ve worked with young adults and I understand how important that time is in a young person’s life, maybe it’s because I’m not far removed from being in that situation myself. I want to have the same impact on students. I want to be the teacher that’s willing to put in the extra effort to help a young person in life. It’s much easier when you are a young teacher and don’t have all the extra baggage. Not that baggage is bad thing, but there comes a time in people’s lives where they have other responsibilities as they get older.

I was resentful, angry and thought the world was out to get me. I was in pain. That part of my life is far in the past now, but has helped shape who I am. In school it’s hard to look in to the future as we don’t have perspective, as that comes with age. It’s difficult to look ahead as there no experience to compare it to. We think we have reached rock bottom, well I thought I had, but I was far from it. I never hit rock bottom, maybe I won’t ever.

Back to the point of this piece of writing. I had been given a role model that assured me things would become better, they gave me perspective, and they empowered me to take control. There was a moment it all changed for me, I remember it, nothing in particular happened but I remember getting off my bus and began walking home, I had realised what this teacher had done for me and I cried for a moment. It was a turning point, from that point on I was building myself mentally, becoming stronger each day. I attribute that change to be the reason I am mentally tougher now, in comparison to when I was younger.

As teenagers I think most of us go through a stage in which we are not willing to listen to advice from people as we think we know better. We think nobody will understand what we are going through, how wrong we were. My advice to young people now, you are wrong. There is a time where this changes and we begin to listen again. Go receive advice of people you respect, go seek help, go learn.

The point is purely this, allow yourself to learn, surround yourself with people that will make you better, understand you are in control.

It is amazing to realise just how much someone can affect your life by putting in a little bit of themselves into you.

Thank you.

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