By all indications, we’re entering the worst economic downturn of our lifetime. Mass layoffs are happening, companies are uncertain about their futures and afraid to make hiring decisions “until things calm down.”

If you’re one of the 26 million Americans whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19, you may be wondering… How the hell am I supposed to job hunt during a once-in-a-lifetime black swan event? Is anyone even hiring right now?

The truth is, there are still plenty of jobs out there for the taking. Yes, many companies have seen their financial future evaporate thanks to COVID, but there…

I believe this is the worst time in human history to apply for a job.

I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic at all.

In the entire history of commerce, there has never been a time where job applicants face more competition and where hiring managers have had less context of the person they’re judging. This is due, in large part, to resumes and job boards.

These tools have outlived their purpose and now serve to make life worse for both applicants and hiring managers alike. The average job applicant never hears back from companies where they have applied and the…

Yesterday, my wife and I had a virtual baby shower. It was wonderful, filled with love, and profoundly weird.

Our first child is due on May 4th, and as I’ve watched the world collapse around me, I’ve had the same thought over and over again.

What the hell am I going to say to this baby?

I feel like I have to answer for our decision to bring them into this bizarre, broken world. I feel like I owe them an explanation for the turmoil they’re about to experience. …

Ever since I published my Extrovert’s Guide to Working From Home, I’ve fielded a lot of questions about remote management best practices.

Truth be told, most of these questions are better answered by resources like Remote, my personal favorite book on remote working, but there’s one tactic that I feel uniquely qualified to talk about.

It’s become my secret weapon for remote managers, and when it’s wielded appropriately, it gives remote teams superpowers that co-located teams can’t match.

My secret? Internal podcasts.

There are ways to bond with your team even when you only see each other over Zoom

A photo of a man working on his computer at home as he is taking notes.
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When I took a new job a year and a half ago that was 100% remote, I told myself I was going to gain a lot of productivity. However, I didn’t expect that I’d be losing something as well: namely, the ability to connect with my coworkers on a personal level. As many more of us have begun working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, many managers may be coming to the same realization that I did.

My oversimplified view of remote work ignored a couple of key details. In the past, I would work remotely only one day per week…

Recently, this Tweet came to my attention, and I viewed it as my moral imperative to help:

I’ve been to 18 Indianapolis 500s and a funny thing happens once you cross about a dozen races.

You join a club without knowing it. This group of race veterans takes pride in the number of races they’ve attended, and they all have their secret tips and tricks to make their race day great.

Our conversations always look the same… One of us casually brings up the race, the other mentions their number (most people I talk to are between 30 and 50…

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