30 years of life, a crazy thought to be honest — it comes around fast!

As a kid I always had this crazy imagination and I would dream about all of the wonderful things I would do in my life. I’d dream about all that I’d achieve by the time I was 30, even though I haven’t achieved anything too outstanding yet… made my first million, owned a privet jet, became a Pilot, Doctor, Lawyer, Astronaut… just on the weekends, there’s still heaps of time for that… I have learned a few things for myself along the way. As I’ve got older and experienced more life I have found there is far more reward in putting others first, giving to others, helping another achieve their goals before my own. I would much rather give a gift these days than receive one. Had you asked me that 15 years ago, It would have been the other way around! It’s a hard and challenging thought at times to put your desires aside for the sake of another but I have found there is far more reward long term in the simple act of selflessness. I’ve found that I achieve my goals while helping others anyway.
Here’s the key, Love people unconditionally even when you feel they don’t deserve it, there is so much power in loving others over yourself and without judgment or an expectation to receive it back. I’ll leave you with this thought. Live life with faith unseen, have hope for what’s to come but most of all love and love unconditionally… Timothy Mark Hooper

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