Why libertarians should support marijuana prohibition

If you value liberty, then you should support marijuana prohibition.

Marijuana use impairs and degrades the organ that enables you to act freely and rationally, thereby making it counterproductive to the cause of liberty. Hence, it is self-defeating to invoke liberty to justify marijuana legalization. It’s no different from drinking seawater to remedy thirst. Marijuana legalization turns out to be a perversion of liberty that turns liberty against itself. Libertarians should therefore support the prohibition of marijuana and other drugs that are used mainly to disrupt cognitive function.

Despite their disagreements, libertarians, conservatives, and liberals can all agree that one…

Gun rights don’t depend on cost-benefit analyses

How should we debate guns?

Many on both sides of the gun debate are under the impression that the best way to settle it is by weighing outcomes in the context of a cost-benefit analysis. As a result, both sides constantly squabble over the findings of this-or-that statistical study in this-or-that country. Those who favor gun ownership cite studies supporting their side, while gun-control supporters cite studies that purport to show the opposite. As a result of this reliance on a cost-benefit methodology, the contemporary debate on gun ownership has largely, and implicitly, taken a utilitarian approach.

While I happen…

Tim Hsiao

Philosopher, Professor, Provocateur. Proud meat-eater and gun owner. http://timhsiao.org

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