I did read this article before your other one about banning Milo from everything.
Charmaine D.

Hi, Charmaine. The Milo article is satire, so definitely don’t take it literally :)

I take your point about how frustrating it can be to deal logically with people who aren’t being logical. Sometimes, I’m guilty of the intolerance I condemn here.

But the fact is… that intolerance never helps. Not in my experience anyway. It massages my ego for a little while… until I realise that I made no progress.

As liberals, I believe we should know what we’re fighting for and that should give us the motivation to stay focussed.

In my view, it’s not really about changing people who wish to corrupt classical liberal values—it’s about not allowing them to change us.

The more of us who abandon our intellectual and moral rigour, the more of them we create.

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