And I believe you’re wrong.
Benjamin T. Awesome

Thanks for reading and commenting, Benjamin T. Awesome. But maybe you should’ve read the (full) article before commenting… because you’re arguing against positions I never took.

First of all, discrimination is discrimination. And oppression is oppression. You’ve listed different kinds of oppressive discrimination… And while modern “liberals” aren’t guilty of the same kinds of discrimination as *some* Trump supporters (i.e. racism, sexism etc.), they are proudly embracing their own forms of oppressive discrimination.

I don’t know what else you can call trying to get people banned, based on their *views* alone, from… an eCommerce software, of all things.

Why single out Shopify and Tobias Lütke? Should we ban Milo from being able to buy t-shirts? Music? Shoes? Coffee? Everything? If Milo chooses to buy Kellogg’s cereals, is Kellogg’s giving “hate” sustenance? Should every brand get their ideological police department to make sure anyone affiliated with Trump and Breitbart can’t purchase goods and services, in our *free* economy? Are we forgetting that Milo Yiannopolous and Breitbart (contrarian as they may be) have done nothing *illegal*?

This is all based on not liking his *views*.

So, yes, modern “liberals” are trying to outdo their chosen villain.

Secondly, I never claimed people aren’t allowed to protest—I expressly stated the opposite, multiple times in the article (including as the very last line). My issue is with the effectiveness of protesting (other people’s beliefs) as an effective means of bridging an ideological rift. My issue is also with engaging in violent protests (again against ideas), while claiming to be liberal. It’s clearly hypocritical.

Do it but accept that you’re just like the people you claim to be so much better than. Maybe that will help us bridge some gaps.

Finally, I’m not living in the fantasy you seem to be insinuating I am. I regularly see with my own eyes the hate and violence from “liberals”. I provided multiple links, throughout the article, to verified instances of liberal intolerance and violence.

But somehow, I don’t think any of this matters to you. You’re clearly mired in dogma. It’s fine that you disagree (I welcome that)—but please stick with facts. Don’t exaggerate my argument and fill it with untruths, until you feel capable of poking imaginary holes in it.

Speaking of, that’s another thing I wish “liberals” would do less of.

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