You could have just written openly “I’m so great, everybody look at me, realize how thick and…
Pan Paweł

Your conclusion is a fascinating one, Pan, considering the foundational logic of my article is that none of us are that great (including me)—and more of us need to acknowledge that.

I said (verbatim), “But if we were all to get what we deserve (especially based on our thoughts and ideas), we’d all be doomed.”

To arrive at the conclusion you did, you’ve had to make so many assumptions about who you think I am—rather than evaluating only what I’ve written. You even put me in a group—“you people”—of whose existence and constitution I’m ignorant. So, I won’t attempt to untangle the nexus of assumptions you’ve clearly made about me.

But I will say that I’m not “teaching” anyone about virtue—I’ve written an article (because I’m a professional writer) about ideas that matter to me (because this is a platform for sharing ideas).

If, as you say, any of these ideas strike you as being “correct”, then I hope you ignore your assumptions about my self-righteousness and apply the ideas in this article that you find valuable.

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