So, I was in class today when Micheal tried to google “what is Impulse”..but it didn’t load(If you ever plan on coming to Abeokuta,come with your mast for good network)..and the next thing I noticed was him playing something that looked like flappy bird(sort of,but without color).

I was first interested in the game..little did I know it had more to it.So I asked him what game it was only for him to say it wasn’t a game but Chrome..I was first mad(because I didn’t know about it earlier) and later I was impressed by google(to think I was first skeptical about switching from Mozilla to Chrome) and I got to admit..that single feature won me over..

p.s: I published this using Chrome

And tbh,this feature is for Nigerians(thanks goggle)with glo network (sorry crappy)..while they’re waiting for their Facebook page to reload,they can be kept busy with the game(I almost forgot I was loading my twitter).

This might be 2015 to some of you guys but…yeah “better late than never”. Guess who your new teammate is?.

#teamchrome from here onwards.

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