I am not a Good Designer? How I can become better and why clients hate my works?

You wanted to be a designer, and you started working on this, you either started studying or either just jumped in the job wagon because of some previous experience, we are all in the same pot. Design evolves and if you are a perfectionist you may (or may not which is unlikely) ask yourself if you do this right. Is difficult to measure yourself, and your work, it would be really useful to know how well you are doing. One thing which nobody told me when I started designing it was that there is nothing about your taste.

I started designing because of my taste, because I saw beautiful things everywhere, in media, in offline, in crafts, jobs, and interactions. But I repeat “There is nothing about your taste in design!” if you want to design forget about your taste, you can work, you can do your own private “poetry” but that will shadow your real skill of understanding people’s needs. What is also important is that your work, with your taste seems incomplete, it has huge potential but it simply does not live up for it. And that’s because is designed for you not for the rest of the people, taste is what you like, design is what everybody else needs.

There is nothing about your taste in design but about someone else’s.

Next time when you do some design work and you start wonder why it doesn’t sell, just remind yourself if it’s designed for people or just for you. When you are going to understand this barrier you will start doing great work, that type of work which you never knew you could do but you always had dreams of it without being aware. Is that simple, is like waking up from a nice dream and starting living it just in the following seconds.

Is good to be perfectionist?

If you are critic with your work, you can achieve more, and is natural to do so, that’s why design is so attractive for you too, because there are a lot of things at which you can be critical. Is going to take a while to get used to an acceptable level of criticism, and if you do criticize your work always think for every single thing which you don’t like and what you can do about it. One thing is clear…

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