Sketches and how to use them in your advantage

Long before I started learning about design, I saw and felt the power of sketching. I realized that when you simply focus and you want so hard to see the idea which you have on in mind, the hand will follow on and build along that idea on paper.
I know that for many people is hard to understand why is so helpful to have your ideas drawn on the paper, and many years I have been asked this question. After I hit this questions a couple of times in my life I decided to just make a list of why you should really sketch and why is so helpful to not forget about this childish but yet so useful habit.

Why sketch your ideas:

  1. Storage, store your info (how many times you forgot an amazing idea or some details of it?)
  2. Visualize your brain (ideas look different in mind and in reality, how practical is your idea you can only see after you sketch it)
  3. Communication (our brain is trained to decode visual information for millions of years, at this stage in evolution can be used as a communication tool and not only between people)
  4. Details (I found out through my experiences that when you sketch, you tend to add some significant details which normally you would not explain verbally…..

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