COVID-19: Mental health and general musings from a clinically anxious Nigerian girl.

From China sending medical supplies to Italy, Idris Elba, Tom Hanks and his wife testing positive for COVID-19, and Nigerian Doctors going on strike, we are living in very interesting, and if it wasn’t very serious, almost comical…

Mum: Daddy is not feeling well, we’ve taken him to the hospital.

Me: Is it serious?

Mum: Not really but they are running tests.

Me: Should I come home?

Mum: No, don’t worry, you’re coming in 2 days, so just wait till then.

The next day…

Mum: Timi can you…


I’m not afraid of the tears, the shock or even the pain, it’s the numbness, that coldness that seeps into my heart with the news that it has struck again.

It scares me, I can’t feel anything no matter how hard I try, the betrayal…

Timiebi Dawn Ebitibituwa

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