Have you ever looked forward to typing your billing address?

No one. Likes. Doing. That.

Did you know that a customer is only willing to spend 80 seconds on checkout? And this isn’t the only point where customers hate to wait.

Unfortunately, we are not the Time Lords — like Doctor Who — who could easily overcome this struggle and speed up this process with a time machine. But we do have other strategies for easing the pain points of checkout for your customers!

We’ve created an infographic with our friends at Purechat for you to see all the possible weak points — besides checkout — that could make your customers leave, with tips that will help you earn your customers’ love, and make them return to your webshop.

Are you ready to dive in?

Timi Garai

Responsible for #contentmarketing, #ecommerce marketing at @antavo Ecommerce Marketing Blog, #blogger & researcher on otaku culture.

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