Sometimes I think about those interviews where Elon Musk is asked about whether or not he thinks we’re in a simulation à la The Matrix. The question is somewhat nuts (like a lot of super broad, unanswered science questions) because it’s not necessarily straightforward to describe what being in a simulation means.

Anyway, I digress.

He often answers that he thinks the chances are higher than one might expect (he proposes a percentage that sounds to me like it can’t be based on any actual probability math).

The logic of his conclusion is as follows:

  • If you consider how realistic looking computer graphics currently are and the ever shortening wait for exponential improvement, it makes sense that we’d probably soon be able to craft [VR] simulations that could completely fool a human beings into mistaking them for reality for an extended period of time. …

Not (just) Africa

There are a lot of very serious, seemingly insurmountable problems in Africa. I live in Nigeria, a place that’s now considered as the poverty capital of the world.

The thing I find the most ridiculous about that assertion makes the situation feel even bleaker — we have no idea how many Nigerians are in Nigeria. …

A month ago, I wrote an article about a dApp game that someone anonymous built on top of NGNT. A good amount of people responded to me (on Twitter) that it all sounds very interesting on the surface, but they don’t really understand what a dApp (decentralised application) is and how to interact with one.

This post is supposed to help with that, somewhat. It should at least serve as a good “starting point” for anyone interested in getting a sense of what this is all about with as little technical jargon as possible.

Note: This article only talks about DeFi & dApps in the context of Ethereum and its ecosystem. While there are other such ecosystems, Ethereum is by far the biggest and it’s the only one I have any meaningful experience with. …


Timi Ajiboye

I make stuff, mostly things that work on computers. CEO at BuyCoins (https://buycoins.africa).

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