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Oct 30, 2018 · 5 min read

The Blockchain technology has been an amazing technology that has proven it power and ability to work more than any one expected. The Blockchain technology has disrupt lots of industries and businesses giving them more advantages to perform more efficiently, creating more opportunities, achievements and success to every aspect of life. This technology has proven to be one of the strongest technology human has ever seen. haven seen the advantages and ability more people have started to implement this technology in their tasks to get more and also to improve the performance of those tasks which has lead to the mass adaption of the blockchain technology. With all of this I say the blockchain technology is here to stay and solve our problems. Despite lots of projects based on blockchain little focused on Data Network and which they aren't solving the purpose they where created for this is why MXC has come to decentralize and improve device Data Network.

Data network is a communication network that is designed to carrying computer information, as opposed to voice, video, etc. It consists of a number of nodes, or stations, connected by various communication channels. Has we all know that Data network is something we can't do without, ranging from using it on our phones, computers, etc. A device is almost useless without data network because data network is as essential as the device itself allowing us to make calls, send and receive messages, watch videos and so one.


Has I have said earlier that data network is very important and the uses keeps getting higher every single day but dispite that there is no improvement in it but worsening and has made every activity different and stressful which they are very expensive. The current data networks are of low quality and only cover a shot range of area while they also use high power. Switch to a 3G/4G consume lots of device power which in time result to reduction in battery capacity and also high cost of data transmission. Over time we saw the invention of wireless Fidelity WIFI which do not use as much power as 3G/4G but only cover short range of about 100meters and can't serve a lot of people. With all this problem experience using the data network has been seriously stressful and making life difficult so there is a need for new technology to take place and solve all this problems.


Machine eXchange Coin (MXC) is a blockchain based project which uses Low Power Wide Access Network (LPWAN) and the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol) to create a decentralize data network exchange. MXC is based in Germany and has partnered with LPWAN providers in creating an efficient data network. The aims of MXC is to effectively increase IoT data transaction using a systemic process. MXC enables uninterrupted data transfer between devices because of it high speed and quality. MXC will provide wide range of essential data services using it technology and taking measurement of factors like air-quality, water purity and even commuter traffic. MXProtocol play it role to reduce collision and congestion between data networks, develop a market for network, construct an inter-chain data market and also to introduce an independent Quality of Services (QoS) framework for both data providers and users. All of this developed technology are used to create a decentralize data network without any congestion.


Data network slowness keeps rising every day so MXC has decided to use it efficient technology to solve this problem. This technology has been tested and I must say it is the future of data network. The MXC LPWAN data network will offer every one 10 year battery life, 20km range with lots of nodes with low data transaction cost. This technology will make data network as fast as the speed of light and increase data transmission speed up then current data network. MCX has also created Data Trade Network which is a decentralized marketplace for sharing of data on a large scale with high speed and quality where as users private data are still secured. The MCX team will make all this available to use in over 40 countries. The MXC coin will be used by users to pay for the data network they are using. The coin will also be listed on top cryptocurrency exchange for trading.


Total supply: 2,664,965,800 MXC

Token Ticker: MXC

Token Type: ERC-20

Soft Cap: 10,000,000

Hard Cap: 24,000,000

The ICO for MXC is over because hard cap were meet and will be listed on huobi very soon for trading which will allow those that do not participated in the ICO to buy on exchange and I will advise anyone to buy the token early because it is one with lot of potentials and will be used as payment currency for data network purchases.

Token Distribution



For more information about the project, kindly visit the links below






Written by: Mark Atteh
Telegram username: @Atteh

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