Are you afraid of Height? U.S. stock markets just hit another record HIGH! What’s NEXT?

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I admit I am scared of height.

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Dow Jones is now at historical high

It turns out that a lot of investors are scared of height too. With the U.S. stock market hitting new all-time highs, a growing number of investors are getting nervous and fleeing away from the great height. It is hard to blame them because after all, with everyday bombardment that recession is coming and China-U.S. trade war has yet to reach its Phase 1 agreement, a lot of professional money manager out there are also feeling jittery.

This pessimism is PROBABLY going to turn out to be a BIG mistake. That is because history tells us the stock market is going HIGHER — not lower — because whenever stocks hit all-time highs, history tells us even more gains are right around the corner.

Since 1915, Dow Jones has made over 1350 new all-time highs. This works out to an average of 13 new highs a year for the last 104 years. Each time that has happened, the stock market rallied an average of 12.34% in the following 12 months. Even more interesting, S&P 500 rose by an average of 32% after 5 years. Historically, once the stock market hits a new HIGH, there’s a 90% chance it will hit another high within 4 months! There is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to the stock market and trading/investing, but a 90% success rate is as close as we can get.

Contrary to what nervous investors may think, record highs are far from danger sign. Instead, new all-time highs are the foundation of even higher highs. This time round because of the Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC) imploding in Europe and Japan as well as the NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) adopted by ECB and BOJ, it is forcing TSUNAMI of feared money flowing into the U.S. stock markets. And that isn’t going to change anytime soon as we are now entering into the most FEARSOME 3 years of the Sovereign Debt Crisis!

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The Edge interveiw in 2016 when I forecast that Dow will hit 30,000

3 years ago on 26th September 2016, I appeared in The Edge and forecast that Dow Jones will hit 30,000. A lot of people & even peers laughed at me & said that I was crazy! As of today 26th November 2019, Dow is now up by 56% since 18,000 in 2016 & I am only 6.9% away from my 30,000 prediction. That is the power of Cycle Analysis, which can be utilised to forecast the timing & turning points of different asset classes with reasonable high success rate. Timing and You is a program that I am currently running, dedicated to the research, study and application of Cycle Analysis to predict, time and profit from multi asset classes.

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I have no doubt that Dow Jones will hit 30,000 in the intermediate term. The important thing is what comes NEXT after 30,000?!

Don’t feel bad if you’re nervous right now; you have got lots of good company. In coming December, I will be sharing what will happen next after Dow hit 30,000 and what are the pockets of opportunities that we can look out for as we ride through the horrendous Sovereign Debt Crisis caused by the mis-management of global central banks.

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Timing is Everything! 时机就是一切! Cheers 👍😀


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