From Green to Yoda Green


High Level:

I’ve seen a lot of blogs around recently that written by the utmost senior leaders across the tech landscape. Many are awesome, and dripping with knowledge, but I feel disconnected from them.

Most blogs are written in the distant third person retrospective, long after the writer has acquired that knowledge claimed ownership of it.

I wanted to try a different approach and start from the beginning, to document my own experience and perhaps have more of a dialogue with an audience interested in product management/tech/business.


I’m a young product manager in tech, and I want to share my journey from green, to whatever color represents experience and wisdom. Master Yoda is the poster boy of experience and wisdom, and he wears green pretty well. So let’s say from green to Yoda green. Even in his incredible age, he couldn’t predict something as significant as the coming of Darth Vader. He nearly witnessed the evolution every single day, and yet he stilled failed in the end. I think that just goes to show, you’re never too old or wise to fail and fuck up. So Green to Yoda Green makes sense.

I chose to do this because:

  1. I think it might be interesting for more experienced PMs to see how the young view their work, so they can potentially better manage their young PMs, and so young PMs have something to relate to, and learn some quick lessons before getting burned by the organizational fire.
  2. Because there’s a ton that I learn day in and day out, and I do a poor job of capturing the lessons anywhere accessible to anyone else.
  3. Because I recognize that without the public vanity, ergo accountability, I wouldn’t keep up with something like this.

I may eventually stop or reduce the cadence if there isn’t demand, but I figure there’s value in the experiment itself.

So here we go.