Top 18 most epic selfies! 📷

18. Shining star. 🌟

Let me check how my 🌟 shines.

17. O-M-G Look at that but.

I don’t see any difference between his head and but.

16. Hi Bro! ✌🏻

What are you looking at bro?

15. I see fire! 🔥

But first let me take a selfie!

14. Giraffie ✌🏻

Let me copy that humans face!

13. Who are they? 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

I’ve no idea who they are. I don’t see any Mexican 🌵… So RA-CI-ST!

12. Where is Dan Bilzerian?

Did they finally drown him?

11. Who is Chuck Norris?

Damn, what a BADASS!

10. Pretty face → 👳🏻

I am so sorry darling, NOT!

9. Duckface Baby 👶🏼

I’ll beat Kanye West in the elections (2020)!

8. 🚀

I won’t eat at home tonight…

7. Look mama, so much attention!

Finally, the boys are touching me!

6. 🐭💩

AAAAAH, I hate Disney 💩

5. They are never on time…

And of course this time they are. 🚂

4. Guess who pulled the alarm? 😏

Watch your fingers…

3. My Daddy is a douchebag


2. Low on oxygen is fun! 😨

Even cheaper than doing drugs!

1. Timit, The Honey Badger. 😹

The one and only Honey Badger! If you want to shit your pants laughing check this out: http://timit.ioFacebook page ← With HI-LA-RIOUS Pranks!

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