Its not a good idea. Don’t go looking for it, and don’t lament its absence.

Don’t let people who say they found theirs bother you. At all.

Your passion is not what you think it is, and finding “it” won’t give you what you think it will.

A sense of completeness, a sense of purpose, a sense of genuine value and meaning and identity… these things are attainable by everyone, even the “passion” less among us.

Do yourself a favor and stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You’re most likely average, and thats ok. Being special is cool (kind of), but what’s cooler is being a good human being that cares about others and struggles for the values they believe in. So stop rushing. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses because one of them is addicted to porn and the other has severe social anxiety.

Just explore this world. There is so much stuff to explore. Its crazy.

Passion happens from investing yourself into something that interests you and becoming more skilled at that thing. As you get better, you will become more passionate.

Life is shit at times, and the shit at times for everybody who participates.

The mosquitos are biting my bare feet.

Gonna head back inside an do something else now.