I agree that “liberals” are an umbrella term; we’re not all going to share the same views.
Richard K. Yu

It seems I am now blocked from reading S.Novi’s articles. 
Maybe my response was considered too ‘extreme’.

I’ll post here again and ask people to explain which part is extremist:
As someone outside of US politics (originally from the UK, currently in Slovakia) it’s striking how S.Novi’s article drips with condescension and scorn to those who you claim to want an alliance with. As Richard K. Yu points out the article doesn’t attempt to critique other points of view, simply to dismiss them as unworthy of consideration.

Fundamental to your perspective is the belief that ‘change is a process not an event’ and that no “matter what we may “want” or how much change we want to see occur, these things take time. This is part of the human condition..”

Do you take this perspective to be true for all societies throughout history?
What about the American war of independence or the US civil war?
What was the compromise position for Rosa Parks or people fighting for independance from oppressive colonialism?
Corporate funding appears to deepen the kleptocracy and the problem of widening inequality shows no sign of slowing down.
The collapse of the vote for centrist politics isn’t unique to the US and throwing insults at ‘extremist’ opponents won’t suffice as any explanation of why voting for a continuation of the same failed orthodoxy is any sort of solution. 
Here is an article that explains why this model is failed much better than I can: 

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