Trump picks right-wing blogger for a judgeship, his confirmation hearing was a complete train wreck
Ian Millhiser

Citing World Net Daily isn’t nearly as bad as citing CNN or NBC which almost every left-wing person in politics has done (Constant anonymous sources, calling things wrong constantly, literally staging fake news, promoting violence) so I’m not sure that’s a valid attack. I know it’s popular to hate President Trump and everyone he deals with but isn’t it also possible, at the same time that you are spewing hate, that he’s also doing a damn good job at being president? Stocks are up, cleaner energy is emerging due to removal of regulation, production is coming back to the US where there are pollution standards instead of China/India where there are no environmental standards to follow. All the while that you are being hypnotized by the MSM machine to hate this guy he still loves you and he’s still going to work hard for you even though he doesn’t have to. He’s a billionaire that took time out of his luxury to help us because he cares about us. He’s not always going to be right, but he’s always going to care, so things will keep turning out very well for us even though we pretend that everything he does is the literal end of the world, the next Reich of Hitler.

The author is showing tells for suffering from a very specific brand of hypnotism/derangement the right calls an ‘infectious mind worm’. I shall pray for the author to recover. Nobody is irredeemable. God bless.

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