And “their” lack of interchangeability vis-a-vis each other is what leads to their eventual…

A point of view that I acknowledge as entirely valid and accurate but alternately instead of resistance the opposition could move, drop out, selfsustain or some other coping stratagy. Resistance can become rebellion or terrorism. If the elites were significantly supperiour then they would have a stratagy that brews the least resistance.

I wonder if the elite can see the peasants as individuals that are unique and precious and still not see hipocracy in treating those out of arms reach as interchangeable.

I feel like a number (triple entendre’), burn one, SS #, single data point in a database. Being isolated from the peasants, subjects, is considered being objective. I think the problem has been that with simple models the Elites have been able to achieve enough progress that were keep resistance (civil disobedience) do a manageable level. Progress has slowed, resistance is rising to a level not seen in most people’s lifetimes. Last time disobedience spiked it did accelerate change but that has worn off. When will they start changing to moderate the resistance? They should have better models now, so what do they prioritize. I am sure Trump was not in the models.

Disrupted, how will the Elites cope?


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