Am I weird

It makes me happy to find plants volunteering in my gardens. Some of them I can’t even identify. Even odd plants in the yard. I guess not so odd plants. Palm, Oak, Maple trees growing up through the grass. Some times I let them grow where the sprout and other times I try to pot them and grow them in pots. Right now I have somethings growing in the grass that I am sure came from bird seed. They appear to be some sort of squash, judging from the leaves. When the Marigolds and Easter Lilies come back it causes me joy.

I know the Easter Lilies should always come back but it still makes me happy. The Marigolds and some others that I know have to reseed each year but some of them do for many years before they fail.

The blackberries have even become a bit of a nuisance but I happily accept the painful task of keeping them under control.