Bridging the Communication Gap: Holding Progressives Equally Accountable for Preserving the Truth
Alyssa Yeager

Are you aware of the appearance of bias in your statement “if the left wants to hold the mainstream media and right wing media accountable to the truth?” Can you see it now that I point it out?

It is telling that you believe that truth will support the change you desire. If you were less sure that the change you want is justified by the truth would you still want us to get to the truth. What is more important, your progressive agenda or the truth?

Do you understand that the truth is ugly? It is even uglier than the lies the left and right shout at each other. A lot of the real truth is unknowable. We will not know what was the truth until it is revealed as the future plays out. Some we will never know because its veracity was never tested as it was the path not taken.

What if the truth is: to stop climate change before it kills tens of thousands of more people everyone needs to give up their consumer lifestyle and freedom of mobility. Stop driving cars, flying in planes, running air conditioning and eating meat? I mean, stop soon, very soon, not someday or we can keep our consumer lifestyle because we will have solar power everywhere soon.

What if the truth is: the sick poor are dying because the middle class spends their disposable income on luxury instead of donating it to charities that would provide health care for the poor. Every expensive piece of jewelry or dress or high end audio/video equipment is health care denied some poor person. Money spent on an expensive meal at a restaurant is money not given to help feed the poor.

Until a huge number of progressives are really walking the talk. When their carbon footprint is less than the world average and they donate all their luxuries and disposable income to charity. When they do it by choice not government order and when the accept that others do not have to follow their example but still make themselves the virtuous example anyway. Then we will know that they have seen the truth and acted on it.

I know the truth, I know that someone is suffering for my privilege. I give back but probably not to those that suffer the most for what I have and will get. I give back, first to myself, then to my family, then to my tribe, then to my country and lastly to the world.

I reject guilt, no white guilt, no survivors remorse. My privilege came by a fairly normal course of events and good fortune (luck). I share some of my good fortune and I live a modest lifestyle.

The social justice warriors who are comfortable with their luxurious lifestyles are just hypocrites. The Save the Planet Carbon Tax advocates who flew to Paris to support the agreement are just Hypocrites and worse, some of them stand to make millions on Green Subsidies and Commissions on trading the Tax credits.

Can Progressives actually handle the truth?????????


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