The Race to Govern Lethal Autonomous Weapons as They’re Developed
Benjamin Powers

By your definition we have had LAWS for almost a century. “Lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) are able to identify and attack a target without human intervention.” They have proven to be problematic since they became almost ubiquitous. Can you guess what I am talking about?

Mines, they use magnetic sensors, acoustic sensors or pressure sensors to detect targets and automatically attack the detected targets and can’t be stopped except with great difficulty. Billions have been used and more than 100 Million are currently deployed. Connecting a more sophisticated computer and software to the weapon probably makes it safer. A computer controlled machine gun with a optical sensor would seem to be less problematic than high explosives connected to a pressure sensor or tripwire.

This is just a anecdote, a joke or strawman. Mines deservedly have a bad reputation, they often kill the innocent.

Good luck, arms control is a tough job.

Ban Mines

Ban Chemical Weapons

Ban Nukes

Ban Weaponized Robots


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