Well then we disagree, strongly disagree
Call me what you’d like

Check the Constitution again, if you are born in this country you are automatically a citizen and have all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and all the benefits passed into law by Congress. Immigrants don’t get all those rights or benefits until after they are naturalized.

Would I prefer to exile slackers and take more Immigrants? Yes but that is not an option and who would take them. I don’t hold animosity against potential immigrants, I just feel that we should not accept them until we deal with our current demographic and population growth issues.

It is more than 3 decades old but let me share this example, the late 70’s and early 80’s the company I was working for hired a bunch of British Engineers when Britain nationalized British Aerospace and laid them off. The company got some experienced talent on the cheap, this is the kind of thing companies do if they can (maximized shareholder value). If the government had not granted the visas then the company would have had to hire U.S. citizens who would have been more expensive or less experienced or a mix of both. It would have been a minor impact to the company would not even register in financial statements but it would have been a major change for a few American Engineers. I liked some of those Brits but would not have been sorry for them to have stayed in Britain.