You’re More Communist Than You Think You Are
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Community vs. Individuality

Should we be allowed to give our children an advantage or must everyone start with equal opportunity?

Do we level the playing field? I mean world wide. I know the question is rhetorical, it is not happening, even non-elite lower middle class and working class persons in the developed world will not support giving up their privilege to share equally with the poor of the less developed world.

I might be wrong but I don’t think you intend to model your proposed/proclaimed Communism, better termed communalism.

Right or wrong we are born with whatever share of the planet’s resources our families and communities have been able to secure for us.

No revolution will be able to claw back what the elites have stashed. They will have enough notice to secure their wealth and persons in some haven. The revolution will only shuffle the deck and create new elites. As Communist as you might think we are we are still individuals at heart and self-interest is the definition of sanity. It is actually insane to cause ones self great personal loss for the benefit of others, saintly behavior, yes but not sane.

Girl, you need to, well I am sure you are smart enough to know but I am going to say it anyway. Any change in behavior is caused by the perception of a change in the incentives. I don’t think you can cause enough people to have the needed epiphany. I am not going along until I believe you can achieve critical mass. Until then I am going to focus on making my community and family better off. Don’t look forward to suffering for a lost cause. No I am not a Saint.