The Empathy Machine
Derek Lundgren Bittar

Derek thanks for that response and I hope I was not too hard on Kevin.

I fear that just like the admonition “drink responsibly” does not stop alcohol abuse, denying that some people will become addicted to VR and it will suck any real meaning out of their lives is short sighted. Cell phones and tablets did not just cannibalize screen time from PC’s and Game systems, they added many hours to many peoples screen time. VR has the potential to be even more addictive than Games and Social Media. I mean, there are going to be VR Games and VR Social Media Aps. Can’t even imagine the damage that VR porn might do.

I have a bit of a libertarian streak so you will not see me calling for regulation but a bit of support for VR addiction counselling should be part of the marketing. Be honest with yourselves and the customers about the potentials both good and bad.

Hey, I know it is coming and I probably will not get a VR system and will suggest that my friends don’t.

I no longer get my E-mail delivered to my phone. I probably spend more than average in front of a screen but it is almost all time dealing with text. Not games or video. It is not the screen that is the problem it is the kind of content and engagement that happens through the screen. My phone is almost exclusively an Audio Device. Phone calls, Pod Casts and music.

Touting the virtuous uses for VR does not diminish the negative uses that will be its biggest market. Hey, if the pundits are to be believed we will all be looking for distracting diversions when AI and Robots take all our jobs :-)