Freshwater in Jeopardy: The Current State of Our Freshwater System
Nature Commode

Do you get compensated for you advertising for Nature Commode?

How come no discussion of the costs of implementation?

Exactly who is going to come collect my feces and how is it stored until it is collected. Do they collect it at no charge to me? Same question about urine and how do we keep them separate.

Why not more discussion of the solution and less alarm about the problem.

Like the article says the solutions need to be tailored for location.

My rainfall run off is greater than my consumption, water is cheap here but sewer is more than double water but still cheap. Don’t worry so much about fresh water when you live in a swamp. Yeah, the water ways are still polluted and we still dump bad stuff in them. Maybe we should work harder to stop that than worry about collecting poo.

Oh, we need to stop people from pumping water out of aquifers faster than they recharge and make them pay more for that water.


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