Drunk little musing

Well, I seemed to fall in with a bunch of Gunners here of late. Pardon me for my lack of ambition, well a lack of “Grand Ambition”. I am ambitious, I would hard toward a few goals. They are not grand. I work at a startup aerospace company and hope we can start catching up on peoples back pay. We did keep the lights on. Hoping I can help keep my third stepdaughter on a positive path. Hope I have a few innovations left.

I found myself responding to an ex-astronaut, a U.S. Senator and a bunch of self important SOB’s. I have not figured out what to call them, they are Gunners, looking to climb to the Stratosphere. I guess someone has to do those lofty jobs. The Elites must replenish their ranks from somewhere. Maybe I am lazy but I don’t think I would be comfortable in that crowd.