I’m a gun owner.
Shane Morris

“… except, a gun is literally only a mechanism of death. I can use a screwdriver to repair many things, and the same goes for a wrench. My smartphone has enormous utility.
Guns are literally only used for killing.”

I don’t know if you don’t understand or just are taking a position that supports your larger argument. It is hard to say because you are an admitted fraud, a faker, one who lies. I guess you do it for what you consider a good cause.

Back to Guns, they are not “only a mechanism of death” they are a part of a few Olympic sports! Sports that do not involve death. Guns save lives. Guns deter crimes. Guns kill. They kill to stop rapes, stop murders, stop robbery, etc. One way to stop a terrorist is have a Patriot with a Gun do it. Guns freed those left alive in Auschwitz. Guns might just be what prevents a Dictator from taking over our country. A gun might just be the most humane thing you can do for a deer hit by a car, horribly injured and in great pain dying on the side of the road. A gun is a tool and an implement of sport. It is the user that makes the difference.

That said, I have observed that many people with guns should probably not have them. That is part of the price of Freedom and Liberty, just like the law says innocent until proven guilty. We let a lot of guilty walk free because we would not want to lock up an innocent person. We also let a lot of people vote who I wish would stay home.

We need less laws and a smaller Federal Government but with so many people wanting to use the power of the government to enslave others, I don’t see us repealing needless laws and shrinking the Federal Government.


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