How the Wealthy Insulate Themselves from the Worst Impacts of Climate Change
Benjamin Powers

God might or might not be watching out for rich people but rich people will watch out for themselves. Even the Middle Class watch out for ourselves.

I have a generator and batteries. I have water and food storage. I have a chain saw and other tools and supplies like a canoe, big tarps, tents, water purifier etc. etc. etc. and I evacuated for Katrina and two other hurricanes. I did not come back after Katrina until the power was restored. I also have both homeowners insurance and flood insurance even though I don’t have a mortgage.

The life of the poor is always precarious. Hardship often leads to displacement.

We are not going to prevent Climate Change so we need to prepare for it and prepare for the displacement of the poor. FEMA camps maybe a conspiracy theory joke but we might really need them.


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