Millennials are Tired of Watching Old People Double Down on Batshit and Evil
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Good Girl, stir up some shit and get you cohort to fix some of what is broken. How many Millennials have been shot by the National Guard for protesting against war. You ever heard 4 dead in Ohio (Kent State Massacre). How about the Wounded Knee Incident in 1973. How about Norman Morrison setting himself on fire in front of the Pentagon in 1965 or Roger Allen who did the same in front of the UN Headquarters.

Millennials are weak sauce by comparison. Yes, you need to stir up your cohort, they have a lot of work to do.

Boomers ended Jim Crow, got women more equal treatment, stopped the Vietnam War, ended the Draft (do you even know what that was). Created the EPA and cleaned up much of the pollution caused by the Greatest Generation. Freed Eastern Europe from the Soviet Union. Started the process to bring down Communism in China.

Yes, the work is not done, it will never be done. The rich and powerful will need to be fought until the end of time.


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