a (not so) quick note about insurance and the government and being super-disabled
Brian Grubb

Hey, good for you and nice story. I did not need the education on Medicaid, Medicare, SSDI, VA or any of that. I have dealt with them or have had family that has. I had a wife who used more than a million dollars in medical expenses, a disable SSDI daughter, disabled vet Dad, girlfriend on Medicaid along with her kids before we married, Mom on Medicare, employer who was vocal about how the company’s Medical Insurance expense more than double becasue of ObamaCare.

I am glad you don’t sound whiney. I hate it when people dependent on charity complain about the quality of the gifts they receive. I know some people consider Health Care a right. I will only go so far as to admit that Health Care for the poor is something a rich society should do. How far we go in providing for the poor is sort of tied to how rich is the society.

What is shameful is waste and poor policy in the distribution of the charity. I did not hear you complaining but more suggesting there is room for improvement.

I expect that you are doing much better than most in similar circumstances. My deceased wife sort of beat the odds living to mid 50’s with Juvenile Diabetes while so many of her peers did not make it to that age. The constant struggle wears on ones sanity add to that financial problems and it is more than most people can bear. Keep your chin up.

I know that there is not enough charity in the world but there would be more of those that receive charity seemed more grateful.

My wife’s grandmother spent years in a Nursing Home paid by Medicaid. It was better than her living at home with home health care. There was much more social life at the Nursing Home and round the clock care. Maybe would have been better for her maybe if she could have been with family but maybe not. If you have to go to a home I hope it is a place as nice as that and that you could still write.

If you were in a Nursing Home, it would be so good for the other people there as you are such a positive person. I think you would help them and make them happier.

I hope we can work through this Health Care Crisis and get to some place better. I understand that single payer would likely end up being better for the poor or at least most of the poor. Our federal government institutions are so bad that I fear Single Payer will end up no better than the VA.

I also don’t like the idea that the government will decide not just what they will pay for but like happens in Canada and England they can tell you that you can’t have certain treatments even if you are going to pay the full costs yourself.

Anyway, thanks are all the best.