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How to avoid being a slacker. Get a part time job and work full time for part time pay. Seriously, I have an agreement with my CEO that I will work half time but I put in more than 30 hours a week. I need a job but I don’t need the money. The money is nice but good work is the best. This way I don’t have to feel bad if I leave because things are slow or when everyone else is working unpaid overtime, I will have been working unpaid overtime too.

How to really kill a project, I mean like kill it good. Binge work, 60 to 80 hours weeks for just a few weeks at just the peak demand or peak opportunity. If the work is there and the right team can dedicate their life to the job for a month or so, it is amazing how productive a team can be. Then everyone need to take a break to recharge.

Lets just say, there is no one right work routine but the are some wrong ones. The effort should match the task.


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