Why Girls of Color Missing in America, is Never a Crisis, Because It’s a Problem We Can Guiltlessly…
Ezinne Ukoha

I am concern about “I’m so sick of being me sometimes. I’m tried of talking, writing, reading, listening, staring, pointing, clicking, tweeting, highlighting, hovering, tapping, responding, trolling, swiping, momenting, unliking, and sharing the brutalization of my people.” Pace yourself, don’t burn yourself out. Work hard, yes, keep the passion but find some balance. Consider mentoring others to carry your work forward after you are gone because racism in America will still be too strong after you are gone. 150 years after abolition and 50 years after Jim Crow. It is going to take time. Mostly time for the worst racists to die of old age. The took down the Confederate Monuments in New Orleans. Progress is in fits and starts, sometimes set backs. There will not be full equality while differences in skin color can still be seen. Blondes still have more fun. Big men earn more money. People are impressed by Iphones. You can make a difference but you can’t really change the world. Well, maybe you can but not by burning yourself out.