I know you aren’t a racist but we are still dying
Leeann Shaw Younger

I am not going to say I am not Racist. I try not to discriminate. I have called out racists but not everyone that I meet. Not really interested in taking a beating for the black cause. I know the worst of the evil you are talking about and have a vague understanding of the more structural problem in this country. I read you story and clicked the heart because I would like your voice to be heard but racism is not even in my top five issues.

I can get why it might be the most important issue for you. How many important national issues are there? What about Global problems? Racism won’t matter if Climate Change is going to lead to massive social unrest or maybe Racism will play a big role in that social unrest. Who know?

When I was a freshman in college a guy in the dorm room across the hall had a big rebel flag on his wall. He had to bottle up a lot of hate. While the school was in the south, I was one of many Yankees and we had many non-whites from around the country and from foreign countries as well as Black Professors.

Keep sharing your stories.