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I am sure that your article was very helpful for a lot of people. I did not see anything really new or original but sometimes the basics need repeating. I have almost always been if not a minimalist at least not a maximalist. Bought less house than the Realtors told me I should, drove less fancy cars that I could afford. Salvaged, reused, did without even when there was plenty of money for more and new. These were my Depression Era Mom’s values that I adopted even in my Teens. It actually took me decades to let me start to spoil myself a little. I married women who if they did not share my values they at least were appreciative of what we did have. The kids not so much, they learned the Greed or Acquisitiveness and need for displays of wealth someplace else but not from home.

I don’t think I am in your target audience but I think you have good things to say. I wonder why your readers don’t know this stuff already.

The 80 percent rule, well, it is good when you get to where you can support 80 percent of your expenditures being discretionary and half that is charity.

I can understand how some people get over extended but it is an avoidable mistake, again, I consider it bad choice made starting very young.

You talk about picking Stocks and being a Land Lord. I don’t recommend either and did not and will not do it. The 80/20 rule applies to the market as well, I am only in Equities 20 percent of the time and never in individual stocks. The market is only safe about 20 percent of the time and if you are in it for longer than that your are over exposed to the risk of massive losses. I am less than 20 Equities now and will not go higher until after the next recession even if I have to sit on the sidelines for years. When I do get in I will probably double my money in a year or two and get back out. I did that for the last two recession (dot com and Real Estate bubbles). Patience there are three or four good investment opportunities in each life time the rest is a crap shoot. Land Lord, it is just a job I am not interested in, it is a job, my skills lie elsewhere.

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