I understand if you vote ‘no’ against same-sex marriage
Nathan Leigh Jones

I don’t get a vote. Here in the U.S. it was decided by the Courts.

I would vote yes, you can have what has become the contractual marriage, a debased version of what was a religious sacrament.

What was once a vow before God to have one and only one partner, a life time commitment. The only benefit it provided was legitimacy.

Now it is a legal contract adjudicated by the courts and it comes with a whole bunch of benefits and obligations. Companies regard it in the application of fringe benefits. Hospitals regard it when determining visitation and treatment.

People still can have the sacrament and the contract but in Judeo Christian terms the sacrament is sort of not quite right for anything but Heterosexual Partners intending to procreate. Some Jews and Catholic’s still hold that divorce and remarriage is grounds for excommunication.

If you need to be allowed to marry a same sex partner so that you can feel validated in your sexual orientation, I guess it is a small accommodation that society can make.

I can accept that same sex sexual attraction is a real thing and I can even accept that sodomy is OK. My wife and I do some of those things.

Can you accept that it is not unreasonable for some people to believe that sodomy is unnatural and as abominable as bestiality or pedophilia.

They might look at you and your partner with the same distain that they would cast on a pedophile or a known practitioner of bestiality.

Hey, I am with you but I can scarcely understand your struggle, I am in a completely different place. A lot of people are even farther out of your reach.

I don’t think homosexuals and trans are an abomination. Marry whoever you want but I guess the deal still needs to be only one at a time.


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