You and I agree on the need to focus on local government.
Sherry Heyl

I don’t like Trump because he is a bombastic demagogue and probably a male chauvinistic pig. I don’t like his plan to borrow more money to build big infrastructure. I don’t like the way he runs off at the mouth with inaccurate and ignorant statements. I don’t like that he has not advocated for a balanced budget and a balanced budget amendment.

Remember I am a RINO so some of the Socialism being push on this country is from the Right. I disapprove of Farm Subsidies, Green Energy Subsidies and Oil Exploration subsidies. I oppose Federal Education Programs, Federal Health Care Programs and Federal Spending on the Arts. Philosophically I am opposed to SNAP and other Federally supported Safety Net programs but I do not advocate for ending them as the harm in doing that to people who are now dependent and addicted to them would be huge and cause unrest. The same thing for Social Security and Medicaid. To say that we need these things because people given the choice will make bad choices and then will suffer and drag us down with there results of their bad choices, that is Socialism. We need to end the Nanny State Federal Government. Individual States need to be careful about these same kind of practices.

Socialism does make peoples lives better and the country stronger but it is at the expense of individual liberty and personal responsibility. The majority should not be allowed to violate an individual’s rights just because it makes things better for the majority. The government should not have been allowed make so many people dependent on the government. Between the welfare class, government contractors, those on social security and the civil servants a majority of the people are dependent on checks from the government. What will happen if the checks from the government are worthless or the government just can’t write them. Talk to the Greeks.

Modern Socialism seems to be based on a Ponzi Scheme of borrowing from future workers or from bond holders to pay benefits today with no regard to the need to pay the money back.

Laws and regulations are necessary as are courts and enforcement agencies but they need to be kept to a minimum and be simple not convoluted. We have way too many laws and regulations. There does need to be a rolling back.

Is Trump dangerous? I don’t know exactly what this question means. Do I think Trump will use our Nuclear Weapons where some other president would not, No. Do I think he might start a Trade War, Yes. Do think he might get a little heavy handed in the battle against Islamic Terrorism, Yes. Do I think he might give Russia a chance to muck about, Yes.

Trump will make a lot of people happy but not the majority and probably not me. Elections are about picking winners and losers. Trump and the Republicans will be picking the winners and losers for a while.