Since these non-profit’s low-skilled jobs would pay slightly less than the minimum wage people will…

I don’t “prefer that people who want to work nevertheless should be unemployed” I would wish everyone could have a job they enjoy or at least find meaningful. Anyone who is without a job and does not need to look for one would have plenty of time for meaningful work but that would be voluntary basis which is something the person probably enjoy or find satisfying. Aa far as “supported with tax money without any balancing benefit to society for those payments” well yeah, it is really charity and the idea of giving it to everyone is to prevent guilt, it is something everyone is entitled too :-) The whole idea is that the value of unskilled work has drop to the point that it really is not worth the cost of feeding and caring for the laborer. It is charity or a bribe to keep them from rebelling or stealing etc.

Others have called this the post scarcity economy where the AI and robots can provide for all out needs without the need for unskilled labor. They have relived mankind of the burden of work so we would all be free to just enjoy life.

Sort of contrasting Utopian and Dystopian visions for our future.

Whether we have UBI or Workfare or Government Make Work Projects, the common thread is you tax the rich or the robots (the posessions of the rich) or the Government owns the robots and AI (communism) and decides how to divides up the robots production. In the end it is some government taking care of the poor unwashed huddled masses.

Unless some self-aware AI is running the show it will still be some groups of Elites dividing up the wealth and letting some trickle down as they see fit. Or maybe in truly democratic fashion we vote that we should get more and more each year until the house of cards collapses.

Even with AI and robots can the planet support more than 7 billion people at a life style above the U.S. poverty level?


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