Capitalism and Post-Capitalism — The Whole Truth & Nothing But
Doc Huston

I enjoyed and recommended your story. You said “What we truly need is a new political model. One that creates an “environment” that would encourage the emergence and growth of a symbiotic relationship between humanity at large and our autonomous technological systems in preparation for a post-capitalist world. A new invisible hand…” We will get a new political model or probably many. We have tested a few and Europe is well positioned to continue testing new models of the sort you seem to lean towards. I feel that the challenge for the new model will be how it allocates abundant but finite resources. Which individuals and endeavors get which and how much of the resources. This “new invisible hand” needs to be visible. Are we expecting that General Democracy will guide the new visible hand or will it be a cadre of elites who guide it? I have little doubt that the public will be encouraged to believe it will be Universal or General Democracy but they the public will still be propagandized and marshalled by the servants of the Elites.

Your nexus in “The bad part of capitalism, and the real source of what makes it ugly, is the nexus of political and economic elites in the political system” is nothing more than human nature and that nature will drive any political and economic system, Capitalism, Democracy, Communism, Theocracy, Monarchy. Greed, Sloth, Pride, Envy……Humans can and will pervert any system to their benefit, I mean the benefit of the Elite, it may create a new Elite but don’t expect it to be a benevolent Elite. Would it be desirable that the Creative Discretion be pulling down the current Billionaires and their Minions? Do we want changes at the top? do we want serious “reallocation of wealth?”

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