Good point.
Vi La Bianca

I expected you to understand and agree but I wanted to check in to the conversation. Like I said, I agreed with your premise.

As far as good and evil being objective absolutes, I think that depends on whether you are using them as nouns or adjectives. Of course sometimes even as adjectives there can be shades of grey. Light and dark and shades of grey.

I think we both can think of any number of acts that are objectively and absolutely evil.

I am taking us off the track, sorry but thanks for the story.

I don’t think I am an atheist or an agnostic. I believe that there is some God but I don’t belong to a religion. My conscience is my guide, I hope it is after God’s design. I will try to do what my conscience tells me is right, if there is life after death, it will be what it is for me as God intends. If I am wrong and there is neither God nor life after death, I will still have no regrets. I can’t imagine being happier doing evil than I am doing good.


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