Tim Knowles, I describe how we got there in an article for McKinsey’s Long Term Capitalism…
Jeff Mowatt

I had read the linked story. Yes, it would be good if companies and businesses were more concerned with impacts on society and a lot of them are concerned and take actions to make their impacts positive. My current employer’s first concern when he started his company was to put a lot of unemployed aerospace workers back to work, himself included. He planned to do this by developing a superior product and he was going to produce this product in an underutilized manufacturing facility in a poor community. Five years later we still aren’t showing a profit but the doors are still open and we have made deliveries to a handful of customers. I don’t know if this matches you model for the trenches but we are a business with a positive impact and no negative impacts that I am aware of.

Many business are started to fill a society need or a vision of something better. Profit is the vehicle for continued existence and growth. I think the big greedy corporation is something businesses grow into not really how they start out or what the original vision was.


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