Reusability in Modern Rocketry

I know and you so stated that your article was not intended to be comprehensive but you left out some things I think are important to your subject. You did not talk at all about Orbital ATK who are an American Launch Services Provider with at least two Orbital Launch Vehicles currently in service and others in development. You did not talk about the only Orbital Launch Vehicle to ever have been reused, The Space Transportation System also call the Space Shuttle. Keep the Stories coming, I think your writing is pretty good. Keep away from broad generalization like “if not the, critical definer of all future rockets.” The definer is more likely to be Operating Costs. Price is most important but part of the price is the cost of failure. To get someone to agree to putting a half billion dollar satellite on a used 30 million dollar booster is going to take more convincing. Reusing engines and avionics has been well demonstrated, reusing lightweight welded aluminum propellant tanks that double as primary structure has limited demonstration.


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