Haha. Yes, I am an eternal optimist to a fault, I will certainly give you that!
Wasim Of Nazareth

I still can’t seem to bring myself to rewrite my lost message. It was a criticism but in the classical vein, not saying you stupid or anything like that, wrong just pointing to a deeper understanding.

I can’t remember everything I had written.

One key points

Solar is creating so many jobs because it is in the installation phase not production and maintenance.

It is too early for Mars, Lunar and Stations, Homes and Factories in Orbit, Factories to make Homes in Orbit, that is what we should be doing.

If we wanted to stop Global Warming we would put a sun shade in orbit, just kidding, unintended consequences would be enormous.

Bitcoin, tell me the truth, why not just block chain dollars? I see something fishy behind the scenes on this one.


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