Blacks, Whites, Failure & Imperfection
Ryan M. Weisgerber

I thank you for your story. The more stories the better.

Your first point has merit but many white people and black people prefer those terms that is why they are so commonly used. I don’t prefer white to Caucasian or vise a versa. I would rather not have to specify my race.

To your second point, Failure is a real thing. When the Solid Rocket Booster O-rings failed on the Space Shuttle, costing 6 people their lives along with many other huge costs, you don’t call it a learning experience. We do at thing called Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. We also perform Failure Analysis. You can’t fix dead people. Yes, the word is often misused. Many words are misused.

To you third point, I had an airline pilot friend who when things were not “perfect” he would say the situation was suboptimal. I think he might have picked it up from Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. No things are not always perfect just the way they are. They could almost always have been better. They will never be perfect but then I do kind of standby the idea that perfect is the enemy of good enough.

None of this is meant as criticism just encouragement to further discussion.


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