No one disputes that America has great leaders.
Stephen Kamugasa, thekamugasachallenge

I think I understand the point you are trying to make and it is valid to a degree but the solutions/problems can’t be made that simple.

“Having it so good for so long in the Western world, has had, alas, an unintended consequence. The unintended consequence is what we may call acedia, that is, the combination of apparent slothfulness and boredom.”

Recognize your words. What about activist burnout. Disenchantment with the ruling class. Personal crises that don’t allow for activism. Personal priorities that are more important than activism for the climate future of the world.

Not everyone is slothful or bored. Some of us might be busy doing other good work or just meditating for personal enlightenment. Being of this world is just a transient phase, we will pass from this Earth too soon.

It is those with riches and power that need to fix the Planet’s problems. Us peon’s should be allowed to just strive for our daily bread and some undeserved peace.

Who are you to decide what is of value to our lives? Why must we improve us in meaningful ways?

“Many of us the in West are content to while away our time on things that add no value to our lives. We spend a great of time on things that do not engage our intellectual faculties or improve us in any meaningful way.”

Again, your words. What religion or philosophy back stops this? Certainly not Christianity. Maybe the problem is Christianity as it does not make personal improvement a priority. Personal goodness yes, proper social behavior, yes.

Wait, to a Christian personal improvement would be to model Christ’s behavior and that includes not despoiling the Earth. We are all expected to spread Christ’s word so even if we are not expected to make personal improvement a priority we are expected to tell people that Christ would not want us to trash the planet.

I am totally kidding and that is not fair to you as you were making a totally valuable contribution but you don’t capture the whole problem and neither can I.

Self-proclaimed Christians are responsible for almost all of the environmental destruction on the planet, a behavior that goes against fundamental tenants of their beliefs.

Don’t blame the lazy when powerful hypocrites are the biggest problem.