Hey Tim. :)
Ryan M. Weisgerber

If I wished how do I get people to stop referring to me as white? A black person can request that he be referred to as African American instead of black and suffer little push back but if I requested to be referred to as Anglo American instead of white, I expect I would have a lot of explaining to do.

Unlike party affiliation my race is not something I chose. Not so many use two dimensional labels anymore I have been labeled a Old White Guy or Old, Male, Cis, Hetero, Rich and White.

I think more than a labeling activity it is an effort do divide us into manageable small tribes. Divide and conquer.

The failure of the mechanism is more than a failure of the physical part, it was in the O-ring case a failure of judgement. Management directed the part be operated outside it qualification environment, the part was in your terms Perfect and Worked Perfectly, it did just was as perfectly normal and leaked because it was too cold.

Sorry for playing word games. I don’t like the way you use Perfect but I understand your point. When something can’t any way but the way it is does not make it perfect or imperfect is just is.